rice purity test

What is Your Score on the Rice Purity test?

A lot of friends have asked about how much I scored in Rice Purity Test.


I scored a 24.


What does Rice Purity Test Score mean?


I know that I've been pretty active in my past. I haven't had any sexual activity since December 2018. I've gone on a sexual sabbatical from being with real human beings. But that didn't stop me from masturbating to porn from time to time.


Now, I completely abstain from sexual swinging, strip clubs, masturbating to porn, looking at porn, browsing the Internet for any type of sexual activities, paying prostitutes for sex or any other sexual activities.


I know I talk about my sexual past here. Please don't ever think that I am bragging or puffing out my chest. I did most of my shit trying to “be a man” and not having a fucking clue about life. But I own everything that I did.

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